We are in the a hundred meters off Tai’s home

We are in the a hundred meters off Tai’s home

We are in the a hundred meters off Tai’s home

To the matrimony parade you to definitely implemented the latest service to your monks, Nattawud Daoruang composed within his blog Thailand Lifetime: “I’m standing in front of one’s relationships procession with my daddy. (Very you want to start from the house however it is as well much!) Each of my members of the family try holding things such as an excellent banana tree, sugarcane tree, different sorts of as well as the money toward sin sod (dowry). All this might possibly be open to Tai’s parents. Some people was conquering drums although some is actually dancing and you will vocal something like “I am upcoming, I am right here!” About 50 % way to the fresh new bride’s family, i satisfy a wedded few (Tai’s sibling and you will sis). They are around in order to invited this new parade and direct me to our home.[Source: Nattawud Daoruang Thailand Lives ]

My pops and i are actually position prior to the home. We can not enter since there are a couple carrying an excellent gold buckle between them. There’s only one method of getting these to open the newest “gate” and that’s to expend them some money. I provide them with a package of cash each and they why don’t we go through. Although not, immediately following not all steps there is a unique door! Individuals on this entrance is actually asking for a few envelopes for each! After paying them we after that achieve the last gate. This is the most costly and you may my personal grandfather should give them plenty of envelopes!

I am now sitting on the ground using my grandparents and parents. Our very own affairs try introducing the new trays away from as well as sin sod and place them on the floor. My personal pops asks Tai’s moms and dads to evaluate the food. There are two trays of the things in two rows towards floor. At the conclusion of that row there clearly was just one rack. It’s conventional into the bride’s front side so you can fill the room having a dish from dining making it equal.

We start walking slowly to the family while making an extremely loud noise

It is now going back to the fresh new fiance ahead aside however, she will not! Anybody comes and informs me one to Tai can’t emerge while the We haven’t unlocked the last entrance. I quickly visit the door during the foot of the stairways with my dad. This “door” is really hard to discover and now we need to use of a lot envelopes to have it open! They in the long run opens up and i also run-up this new staircase in order to bring Tai. Both family are now actually looking at a floor up against per most other. My father asks how much we need to pay for the dowry. Tai’s mum answers “forty thousand baht and you will four baht gold”. My parent then throws a giant plan towards a rack and begins to unwrap it. To the discover four heaps out-of hundred baht banknotes, a gold wristband and you can a good necklace.

He advances the money away and you will encourages Tai’s mothers to take a glimpse

When they are happy that we now have zero bogus banknotes, my personal pops entry all of them a small full bowl of dehydrated vegetation. They grab a handful and you can spray specific in addition cash in good clockwise guidelines wishing us best wishes for the relationships. Up coming, when they’ve one another finished undertaking one, all of our married relationships along with just take converts. Finally he could be completed and i also get the fresh cloth with all the cash in it and you may give it in order to Tai’s mum. She takes it regarding me personally immediately after which runs upstairs to get it out inside hot ghanaian women a comfort zone. She makes it look like she’s powering away towards the currency thereby someone laughs! A few momemts later she returns and you may is upon a floor alongside Tai’s dad. We today give all of them certain silver, a bracelet and a good necklace. Tai try near me and looking forward to me to put brand new gold to their shoulder and on their unique hand. When i do you to definitely, We do the ring of my personal fit wallet and place it to the ring-finger on her left hand.

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